Psi Corps
739 Psi Corps-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 0739, Psi 12
Type Run
Kind Orange Kite Psi
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Chocolate
◄ Previous Indiana Clones
Next ► Bunny White

The Player with Psi Corps saved may control all Psi cards used by any Opponents. If the Player denies the use of a Run Psi card to an opponent, then the opponent must discard it. If the player denies the use of a saved Special or Very Special Psi card to an opponent, then the opponent may keep the card and try again on his next turn.


  • If at any time the player has no bunnies in The Bunny Circle then Psi Corps is discarded immediately.
  • Players cannot save this Special without a bunny in The Bunny Circle.
  • If Psi Corps is used for a Psi card play (Non-Matching Colors), then a player may use the card immediately or save the card directly from his five-card hand if he has at least one bunny in The Bunny Circle.


  • Psi Corps parodies the syndicated TV show Babylon 5, which featured a Psi Corps. Psi Corps is an agency of the Earth Alliance responsible for identifying, protecting, and controlling telepaths. All persons with Psi abilities are required to either: join the Corps, face lifetime imprisonment, or submit to a lifetime of drug treatments to suppress their abilities.

Image VariationsEdit

739 Psi Corps-thumbnail
Card #0739
Psi 12 Psi Corps-thumbnail
Card #Psi 12

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