Pucker Up
732 Pucker Up-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 0732, Psi 05
Type Run
Kind Red Kite Psi
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Chocolate
◄ Previous After Darkness
Next ► Hitchbunny's Guide

Pucker Up may be used once by a Player to force all Opponents to roll a die. The Opponent who rolled the lowest number must either kiss the Player or give him one Carrot, Zodiac card and Mysterious Place card if the Opponent has at least one of each.

  • The Opponent who rolled the lowest number on the 12-sided die may choose to kiss or not to kiss. If several Opponents roll the same lowest numbers, then they must each choose whether to kiss the Player, or to give him one saved Carrot, saved Zodiac card and saved Mysterious Place card.
  • Before the roll, the Player must state exactly what kind of kiss he wants (and where). This will make it easier for all of the players in the game to decide whether or not the Opponent’s kiss is “valid.”
  • If the Opponent agrees to kiss and the Player backs out, then the Player must give the Opponent two saved Carrots, saved Zodiac cards and saved Mysterious Place cards if the Player has at least two of each.


  • Pucker Up parodies the music group Kiss.

Image VariationsEdit

732 Pucker Up-thumbnail
Card #0732
Psi 05 Pucker Up!-thumbnail
Card #Psi 05

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