Pumpkin Ridge
452 Pumpkin Ridge-thumbnail
Weapon Level 13
Card Info
Card ID 452
Type Run
Kind Weapon
Dice D20 ClearD12 Zodiac
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Stainless Steel
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Pumpkin Ridge is a level 13 weapon. When placed on a bunny, the owner of that bunny must roll the clear 20-sided die. The weapon kills the bunny unless the roll is higher than the weapon level. Lucky Clover, Lucky Horseshoe, and defense cards can help the bunny to survive.


  • Pumpkin Ridge may be played on any bunny which must roll higher than 13 to survive. If the bunny survives, then the same player rolls the Zodiac die and targets a bunny belonging to any player born with the Zodiac symbol rolled. If two or more players have the same birth sign, then the opponent may choose which player’s bunny to target. If no player has the birth symbol rolled, then the weapon is discarded. Pumpkin Ridge will continue until either a bunny dies or the Zodiac roll does not correspond to any of the player’s birth symbol.