Rank cards are a category of bunny modifiers in Quest for the Magic Carrot patterned after the hierarchy of the United States Navy, the military organization in which Killer Bunnies creator Jeffrey Neil Bellinger served.

Rank cards exist in two types, Enlisted and Officer. Enlisted ranks first appeared in the Perfectly Pink Booster Deck, and are numbered from E-1 (Seaman Recruit) to E-9 (Master Chief). When one of these cards is drawn it must immediately be placed on any bunny in the Bunny Circle. Whenever one or more bunnies in the Bunny Circle hold an Enlisted rank, the "Highest Enlisted Rank Marker" is placed on the bunny who holds the highest numbered rank. If there are no Officer-ranked bunnies in play, the player who owns this bunny may play an additional card directly from his hand just as if he had processed it through the Run cycle. This means he can play Run cards immediately and can save Special and Very Special cards without putting them though the Run cycle.

Officer ranks, which first appeared in the Wacky Khaki Booster Deck, are numbered O-1 (Ensign) through O-9 (Vice Admiral). As with Enlisted ranks, when a player draws one of these cards, he must immediately place it on a bunny in the Bunny Circle and, if necessary, move the "Highest Officer Rank Marker" as well. As with the Enlisted ranks, the player who has the highest-ranked officer bunny may play an additional card directly from hand.

When both Enlisted and Officer-ranked bunnies are in the circle, the player controlling the high-ranking Officer bunny may play the extra card from his hand as normal. However, the player holding the highest ranked Enlisted bunny must ask the Officer bunny's player for permission to play the additional card from his hand. If the Officer's player refuses, the other player man not play the bonus card.

Finally, if a player has President Ficus in play, the highest-ranked Officer must ask that player's permission before playing his extra card. Moreover, the President Ficus player may countermand the Officer Player's decision on whether the Enlisted-rank player can play his additional card from his hand.


The rank insignia for each of the ranks is hidden in the artwork; the hidden officers' insignia are the stripes worn on the sleeves of their service dress blue uniforms or on the shoulder boards of their service dress khaki and summer white uniforms.

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