Red Timid Bunny
Card Info
Card ID 170
Type Run
Kind Bunny
Background Diagonal gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Red
◄ Previous Red Sinister Bunny
Next ► Feed All Your Bunnies

The Red Timid Bunny allows the player one optional re-roll any time he/she rolls dice. This effect is cumulative with pawns. For cards that require rolling multiple dice, the player can re-roll any of the dice in any order. When a re-roll is used, the player must accept the second roll and cannot choose to keep the first roll if it was better.


If you own a Red Timid Bunny and two other red bunnies or two other timid bunnies, then you have a bunny triplet and may play two cards per turn. As soon as a player completes a bunny triplet, that player may play a second card that same turn.

Color TripletEdit

A red color triplet is formed by owning a Red Timid Bunny and two of the following:

If the player has combined the Quest and Conquest games, a Red triplet can also be formed by including the following bunnies with the list above:

Type TripletEdit

A timid type triplet is formed by owning a Red Timid Bunny and two of the following:

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