678 Rerun-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 678
Type Very Special
Background Diagonal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Ominous Onyx
◄ Previous Platinum Rosebud
Next ► Rue The Day

Rerun may be used once by a player to place any one of the player’s bunnies from The Bunny Circle back into the player’s hand and to discard any one unwanted card. When a bunny is Rerun, the bunny loses all enhancements, modifiers, and associated cards such as Lucky Clover (concept), Rank, or Containment Suit.


  • This card may be used between any two players’ turns!
  • This card features the Yellow Ball with the Red Stripe.


  • Rerun parodies Fred Berry's character Frederick (Freddy) "Rerun" Stubbs from the TV show What's Happening.[1]
  1. Fred Berry entry at Wikipedia

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