054 Cyber Bunny-thumbnail

Roaming Red Run cards roam the Bunny Circle (usually) clockwise. They usually attack each bunny until a player gets a roll that destroys them. The "Run" text in the upper left corner is red with a thin black border, which indicates Roaming Red Run cards.


  • While Roaming Red Run cards are not bunnies, they may be attacked using Weapons.
  • Since most Roaming Red Run cards are not Weapons, they may not be defended against using Defense cards.
  • Barrier reverses the direction of Roaming Red Run cards (such as Cyber Bunny or Cruise Missile Prime). Barrier will cause any Roaming Red Run card to move in the opposite direction after it is reversed. When a Roaming Red Run card reverses direction it may affect the same player’s bunnies on two consecutive turns. Barrier does not stop any multi-target, non-Roaming Red Run card circumstances.