Rue The Day
679 Rue The Day-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 679
Type Very Special
Dice D12 OrangeD12 Pink
Background Diagonal Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Ominous Onyx
◄ Previous Rerun
Next ► Dark Violets

Recall that the Player who drew the last Mysterious Place card receives the Yellow Ball with the Red Stripe and may control the destiny of any card played by any Opponent that has a Yellow Ball with the Red Stripe in the artwork on the card. Rue The Day may be used to stop the commandeering of a Yellow Ball with the Red Stripe card if either die (or the sum of both dice) total today’s date.


  • In addition, Rue The Day may also be used to stop a [KinderBunnies’] Switch-A-Roo. Switch-A-Roo is stopped without any die (or dice) rolls.
  • May be used at any time!


  • Rue The Day contains a pun on “kangaroo.”