730 Shazbot-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 0730, Psi 03
Type Run
Kind Violet Arrow Psi
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Chocolate
◄ Previous Bunny Eye For The Carrot Guy
Next ► After Darkness

Shazbot may be given to any player. The player must return one Carrot to Kaballa's Market (even if the market is closed) for each curse (or naughty) word that he speaks during the game.

  • The word “shazbot” is a safe word, and may therefore be used freely during play as a substitute for all curse (or naughty) words.
  • The player may pay 10 Dolla to remove this card.


  • A curse (or naughty) word can only be defined by the people playing the game. Since words change from group to group, country to country, and language to language, it is impossible to provide a list of these words. Each group of players will have to decide for itself which words are not allowed.


  • “Shazbot” is a curse word used by the Robin Williams' character Mork from Ork on the TV show Mork & Mindy.
  • The original Psi version of Shazbot included an exclamation point in the card name.
  • The original Psi version of Shazbot included a large Psi character in the background of the card image.
  • The Chocolate version of Shazbot included a Psi glyph in the Run ball at the upper left.

Image VariationsEdit

730 Shazbot-thumbnail
Card #0730
Psi 03 Shazbot!-thumbnail
Card #Psi 03

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