A Shop allows players to purchase supplies. Each shop has a Starter Card which begins the game face up, listing the prices for that shop's supplies. The small decks sold by a shop should be shuffled and placed face-down next to that shop's card, and the large carrot cards should be face-up next to Kaballa's Market. Discard Piles for Kaballa Dollas and cards that can be re-sold by a shop should also be formed face-up next to the appropriate shop. Certain cards allow players to close a shop or re-open it with new prices.

There are three shops available in The Quest for the Magic Carrot, included in the blue, red, and orange decks respectively. There are two shops available in The Conquest of the Magic Carrot, both included in the blue deck.

Kaballa's Market Rooney's WeaponsEmporium Weil's Pawn Shop Kaballa's Market Two Morden's Metal Exchange
102 Kaballa's Market Starter-thumbnail 216 Rooney's Weapons Emporium (Starter)-thumbnail 330 Weil's Pawn Shop 5-10 (Starter)-thumbnail 0871 Kaballa's Market Two Starter-thumbnail 0872 Morden's Metal Exchange (Starter)-thumbnail


All of the shops accept Kaballa Dollas as currency. During a player's turn, he/she has the option to spend dollas at any open shop to get supplies. Players may not purchase from a shop while it is closed or during an opponent's turn.

For face-down supplies, the player must take the top card. The player may look through and choose from face-up discard piles and face-up carrots.

Making ChangeEdit

If a player does not have exact change, he/she should make change using the Kaballa Dolla discard pile. If the needed amount of change cannot be made from the discard pile, the player should discard his/her dolla card(s) used in the purchase and keep track of how many dollas he/she has left (it's probably a good idea to write it down). If the correct change later becomes available, the player may take it from the dolla discard pile (and cross out the note).

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