Spider Bunny
728 Spider Bunny-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID Psi 01, 0728
Type Very Special
Kind Blue Kite Psi
Background Diagonal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Chocolate
◄ Previous Bunnies Of The Caribbean
Next ► Bunny Eye For The Carrot Guy

Spider Bunny may be used once by a Player to eliminate any of Carrot Thief!, Pilfer the Pawn!, Zodiac Thief, Pumpkin Ridge, or Pinch Your Place. Or may be used once to keep a Player’s bunnies in place during a Shockwave. May be used at any time!


  • If Spider Bunny is used for a Psi card play (Non-Matching Colors), then a player may use the card immediately or save the card directly from his five-card hand.


  • Spider Bunny pardies comic book super hero Spider-Man.
  • Spider Bunny also appears on Twenty-Three Skidoo.
  • In the original Psi series version, a large Psi character appears in the background of the card image.

Image VariationsEdit

Psi 01 Spider Bunny-thumbnail
Card #Psi 01
728 Spider Bunny-thumbnail
Card #0728

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