Splash The Zero
656 Splash The Zero-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 656
Type Run
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Ominous Onyx
◄ Previous President Ficus
Next ► Strawberry Fields

Splash The Zero may be used once by a Player to sacrifice five of the player’s Water units to eliminate any bunny in The Bunny Circle that has a zero in the bunny’s Card Identification Number (lower right-hand corner of each card).


These bunnies have a zero in the Card Identification Number:

001 Blue Congenial Bunny
002 Blue Gleeful Bunny
003 Blue Lumbering Bunny
004 Blue Sinister Bunny
005 Blue Timid Bunny
006 Green Congenial Bunny
007 Green Gleeful Bunny
008 Green Lumbering Bunny
009 Green Sinister Bunny
010 Green Timid Bunny
011 Orange Congenial Bunny
012 Orange Gleeful Bunny
013 Orange Lumbering Bunny
014 Orange Sinister Bunny
015 Orange Timid Bunny
120 Violet Timid Bunny
170 Red Timid Bunny
390 Orange/Violet Timid Bunny
606 Celebrity Bunny – Single (Alfred)
607 Celebrity Bunny – Single (Carl)
608 Celebrity Bunny – Single (Samantha)
609 Celebrity Bunny – Double (August & 44)
610 Celebrity Bunny – Double (Loki & Bartleby)
0720 Semi-Super Specialty (Lord Of The Bunnies)
0721 Celebrity Bunny (Number Six)
0724 Dago Bunny
0740 Specialty Bunny - Single (Bunny White)
0741 Specialty Bunny - Pair (Interview With The Bunnies)
0742 Specialty Bunny - Triplet (The Bunnies Twain)


  • Japanese fighter planes in World War II were called zeros.
  • With the introduction of the Chocolate Booster Deck, the numbering changed to include a leading zero.

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