Sustain the Bunny
021-Sustain the Bunny 1-1-1-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 021, 022, 023, 024
Type Run
Background Pink
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Blue
◄ Previous Feed the Bunny
Next ► Atomic Whisk

Sustain the Bunny be played on any bunny on any ship in space which must feed the amounts shown by the end of its next turn or die.

Sustain The Bunny cards work the same way as Feed the Bunny cards except that they are placed on bunnies in ships in space, and they contain an Oxygen cost as well as the Cabbage and Water costs.

Image VariationsEdit

021-Sustain the Bunny 1-1-1-thumbnail
Card #021
022-Sustain the Bunny 2-1-2-thumbnail-thumbnail
Card #022
023-Sustain the Bunny 2-2-3-thumbnail-thumbnail
Card #023
024-Sustain the Bunny 5-4-4-thumbnail-thumbnail
Card #024