Terrible Misfortune
432 Bungee-thumbnail
Card Info
Card ID 432
Type Play Immediately
Kind Terrible Misfortune
Background Play Immediately Pattern
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Twilight White
◄ Previous Melding
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Terrible Misfortune cards immediately kill a bunny belonging to the player who drew the card. The player must then draw a new card. If the player does not have any bunnies, the card must be played on an opponent’s bunny. At the beginning of the game there are no bunnies, so Terrible Misfortune cards are discarded and replaced. This also happens if a Terrible Misfortune card is drawn at a point later in the game when there are no bunnies down in the Bunny Circle.


One of your bunnies attempts bungee jumping but measures the length of the cord incorrectly. Too much slack!