Texas Let Go
0834 Texas Let Go-thumbnail
Conquest Card Info
Card ID 0834
Type Run
Background Texas Flag
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Blue
◄ Previous Starving Snails
Next ► Top of the World

Texas Let Go allows a player to force his opponents to gamble for any number of items. These items can be Radish Units, Milk Units, Carrots, Dolla, Metal cards or bunnies. Later on, booster decks will introduce other items such as: Defense Units, Pawns, Zodiac cards, and Mysterious Place cards.

The player who uses Texas Let Go must decide what the stakes will be for the gamble. Everyone who can play must play.

For example, let’s pretend that a fictional player Carol decided to play Texas Let Go for 2 Kaballa Dolla and 1 Carrot. Each player with at least 2 Kaballa Dolla and 1 Carrot must play. All players involved in the gamble roll any one of the 12-sided dice. The highest roller takes all of the Kaballa Dolla and all of the Carrots. Of course Carol must participate in her own gamble.

The player who played Texas Let Go may re-roll the die if he does not like his first roll. If two players tie for the highest roll, then both players must roll the 12-sided die again (and keep rolling) until the tie is broken.

If the stakes involve a Carrot or a bunny, then each opponent may choose which Carrot or bunny to risk. If the player’s stakes include a bunny and an opponent’s only bunny has Angel Wings, then he must risk the bunny.


  • Texas Let Go parodies the poker game Texas Hold 'Em.

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