The Djarnak
717 Djarnak-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID Omega 02
Type Run
Kind Omega
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive No

The Djarnak may be placed between any two adjacent players and prevents each from using any aggressive cards against the other. Aggressive cards such as Weapons may not be placed directly on any of the opponent’s bunnies on the other side of The Djarnak. However, a weapon that affects adjacent bunnies may affect the opponent if he is within range.


  • The Djarnak may be eliminated by placing a Barrier over it.
  • The Djarnak placed between bunnies joined by the Fingercuffs separates those bunnies and the Fingercuffs are discarded.


“Bunnies creator Jeffrey Bellinger attended Rutgers University in Brunswick, Jersey from 1984 to 1989. During that time a contest was run to name the weird red sculpture on the Busch Campus. Jeff’s suggestion of The Djarnak lost miserably but he vowed that someday he would have the final say on that decision. And heck, it only took 17 years!”
  • The sculpture is located on the Rutgers campus just outside the Science and Engineering Resource Center. The work, Paul Sisko's “Split and Twisted,” was donated to Rutgers in 1980 by Muriel and Philip Berman of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Image VariationsEdit

Omega 02 - The Djarnak-thumbnail
Card #Omega 02
717 Djarnak-thumbnail
Card #0717

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