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The Theta series is the fourth set of promotional cards released for Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. These cards were designed by backers of the Deluxe Edition Kickstarter who pledged at least $500, and some of the cards include the backers' names or likenesses. This series consisted of twelve large cards and four small cards.

Large Cards Edit

Theta 01 Celebrity Bunny (Single) - Matt
Theta 02 Celebrity Bunny (Quintuple) - Aaron, Andrew, Joe, Pat & Roger
Theta 03 Anvil
Theta 04 Blake Take
Theta 05 Bunny and Clyde
Theta 06 Furry Wall
Theta 07 Jay is Okay
Theta 08 Pillars of Gulu
Theta 09 Nick Carrot K
Theta 10 Steve Carrot L
Theta 11 1856 Sheridan Road
Theta 12 Stone Arch Bridge

In addition to these twelve large cards, the series also included corresponding small cards for the two new Carrot cards and the two new Mysterious Places.

These cards were included with the Deluxe Edition, and with the Phi series they make up the informal Quest Fan Deck.

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