Thirty Helens
582 Thirty Helens-thumbnail
Thirty Helens
Quest Card Info
Card ID 582
Type Run
Dice D12 OrangeD12 GreenD12 YellowD12 RedD12 Pink
Background Flat
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Wacky Khaki
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If any combination of numbers rolled adds to 30, then the player may take any weapon card from Rooney’s Weapons Emporium and launch it immediately. This card cannot be used if Rooney’s Weapons Shop is closed. Players with the letters H-E-L-E-N (two ‘E’s) in their full name are immune from this card.



  • The card and image is a parody of a recurring sketch on The Kids In The Hall (a Canadian sketch comedy show that ran from 1988-1994), called "Thirty Helens Agree."
  • Several of the women that appear in The Kids In The Hall sketch appear on the card.
  • Several of the women that appear on the card, however, did not appear in The Kids In The Hall sketch. For example, the nun from Hostile Penticostal (card #460) is seen. Maybe her name is Helen?