Time Worf
670 Time Worf-thumbnail
Time Worf
Quest Card Info
Card ID 670
Type Special
Background Vertical Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Ominous Onyx
◄ Previous Schroedinger’s Bunny
Next ► Zan

Time Worf may be used once to force all players to move their Top Run card to the next player clockwise and their Bottom Run card to the next player counter-clockwise. If the player decides to use Time Worf immediately, the player must first slide the Bottom Run card into the Top Run card position and place a Bottom Run card before moving either card to the appropriate opponent.


  • If a player has Calcite Conundrum in play, the two sets of Run cards are treated as separate opponents.


  • Time Worf is named after the song Time Warp from the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • Time Worf is also named after the Star Trek character Mr. Worf, a Klingon, shown in the center.
  • Parodies of the Rocky Horror Picture Show characters, Dr. Frank N. Furter (left) and Magenta (right) flank Mr. Worf.

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