Trip's Trips
Phi 10 Trip's Trips-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID Phi 10
Type Special
Background Vertical Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Quest Fan Deck
◄ Previous Fat Bunny Sings
Next ► For The King

Allows a player to play an extra card every turn for each Bunny Triplet that he has in play.


  • Unlike regular play, in which a player may only play one extra card each turn regardless of the number of triplets he/she has, a player with this card saved may play an extra card for each Bunny Triplet he/she has.
  • Zodiac Triplets do not count towards this card.
  • If at any time the player with this card saved has no Bunnies in the Bunny Circle, he/she must immediately discard this card.


  • The card is a reference to Star Trek:Enterprise, in which Scott Bakula played Captain John Archer and Connor Trinneer played Chief Engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker.

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