Truth or Hare
583 Truth or Hare-thumbnail
Truth or Hare
Quest Card Info
Card ID 583
Type Run
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Wacky Khaki
◄ Previous Thirty Helens
Next ► Venus Cycle

Truth or Hare may be given to an opponent who must state the title of their Top Run card. If the player correctly determines that the opponent is telling the truth (or not), then the player may take one of the opponent’s bunnies. If the player cannot determine correctly, then the player must give the opponent a bunny. In all cases, the player of the card selects which bunny is transferred.


  • Truth or Hare may not be used against an opponent whose Run cards are visible due to Selective Disclosure.


  • The scene depicted bears strong similarity to the scene in the Ben Stiller movie Meet the Parents where Robert DeNiro interrogates Ben Stiller.


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