Ultimate Pawn Power
479 Ultimate Pawn Power-thumbnail
Ultimate Pawn Power
Quest Card Info
Card ID 479
Type Special
Background Vertical gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Stainless Steel
◄ Previous Magnetic Shielding!
Next ► Electron Tunneling

Ultimate Pawn Power allows a player with Ultimate Pawn Power saved to discard one undesired card per turn (at the start of the turn) that has the same back color as any owned pawn. A new card is drawn immediately, and the Player continues with the normal turn.

For example, if a player owns the Red and Yellow Pawns, then at the start of each turn, the player may discard any one card with a red or yellow back.


  • Players cannot save this special card without a bunny in The Bunny Circle.
  • If at any time the player has no bunnies down in The Bunny Circle, then Ultimate Pawn Power is discarded.
  • White cards can never be discarded since technically no White Pawn is available.

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