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379 Virgo-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 379
Type Zodiac
Kind Earth
Background Vertical Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Green
◄ Previous Leo
Next ► Libra

Virgo is one of twelve Zodiac cards and is the Zodiac sign for dates (and players, by birthdate) August 24 - September 23. When a player draws Virgo he/she should place it down face-up in front of him/her and draw another card.


  • Holding the winning Zodiac at the end of the game gains certain advantages.
  • Zodiac cards can form triplets, allowing the player to play two cards each turn. If a player without a triplet (bunny or Zodiac) draws a Zodiac card near the end of his/her turn and completes a Zodiac triplet, he/she may play a second card that turn.

Sequential TripletEdit

A sequential triplet is formed by holding any Zodiac card along with the two Zodiac cards listed in the bottom corners of the first card. To form a sequential Zodiac triplet with Virgo in the middle, the player must also hold the following Zodiac cards:

It is also possible to use either of those two cards as the middle since Virgo will match one of its bottom corners.

Elemental TripletEdit

An elemental triplet is formed by holding three Zodiac cards with the same element in the upper left circle. The following two Zodiac cards can form an elemental earth triplet with Virgo:

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