Viva Las Vegas
525 Viva Las Vegas-thumbnail
Viva Las Vegas
Quest Card Info
Card ID 525
Type Run
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Perfectly Pink
◄ Previous Tug of War
Next ► Appetite Suppressant

Viva Las Vegas may be used once by a Player to challenge any opponent for equal amounts of Kaballa Dolla, Zodiac, or Mysterious Place cards. Both players roll three 12-sided dice, keeping all 7's. The first player to get three 7's is the winner.


The official list, according to the Killer Bunnies' Graphic Designer Jonathan Young: Starting at the top middle and going clockwise around the objects:

  1. Carrot Top Royale (Orange Booster Deck, #304)
  2. The Magic Fountain (Blue Starter Deck, #076)
  3. Barrier (Red Booster Deck, #185)
  4. The igloo from Cool Change (Violet Booster Deck, #250)
  5. The Yellow Ball with the Red Stripe – very small, right next to the igloo – first seen in Bad Karma (Blue Starter Deck, #199)
  6. Kaballa's Market (Blue Starter Deck, #102)
  7. The flames, first seen in Boiling Tar (Blue Starter Deck, #036)
  8. The Sinister Bunny, first seen in on the cover of all boxes!
  9. The elusive penguin, first seen in Bad Karma (Blue Starter Deck, #199)
  10. The stainless steel pattern – even though we never had a stainless steel building – just like the Super Bunnies (Stainless Steel Booster Deck), until the Neutronium Barrier (Chocolate Booster Deck)
  11. The statue from Community Carrot (Green Booster Deck, #365)
  12. The old Fiat from Terrible Misfortune – Fiat (Blue Starter Deck, #083)
  13. The DeLorean, first seen in Bunny To The Future (Red Booster Deck, #203)
  14. The reckless yogurt delivery truck from Terrible Misfortune – Yogurt (Blue Starter Deck, #086)
  15. Carrot Top Casino (Blue Starter Deck, #066)
  16. The sphinx and pyramids, first seen in Ancient Star Rod (Violet Booster Deck, #257)
  17. The palm trees, first seen with the sphinx and pyramids in Ancient Star Rod (Violet Booster Deck, #257)
  18. The Minilith (Blue Starter Deck, #147)
  19. The castle from Weil’s Pawn Shop (Orange Booster Deck, #330)
  20. The portal from Bunny On The Edge Of Forever (Orange Booster Deck, #316)
  21. The carrot triangle in a circle, first seen in Bunny Block Bid (Yellow Booster Deck, #135)
  22. The White Stuff (Twilight White Booster Deck, #430)
  23. Mountain peaks, first seen in Free Defense (Red Booster Deck, #199)
  24. The barn from Rooney’s Weapons Emporium (Red Booster Deck, #216)

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