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Weapons are cards used to attack opponent's bunnies. Since you cannot win when all Carrots are taken from Kaballa's Market without a bunny, one of the basic strategies is to kill other players' Bunnies. This is accomplished by the aforementioned weapons and Feed the Bunnys. For a list of weapons click here .

There are five types of Weapons, each of which is used slightly differently:

  • Level
  • 50/50
  • Dated
  • Gender
  • Roaming Red Run


Level Weapons require that the Opponent roll a die to defend against the attack. The die roll must be higher than the Weapon Level listed on the Weapon card.


Main article: 50/50 Weapon

50/50 Weapons require that the Opponent choose which of the listed dice will be the higher roll. Since the player must choose one of the two dice, there is a 50/50 chance of him being correct and successfully defending against the Weapon.


Dated Weapons require that the Opponent roll both the Twenty-Sided Die and the black die and the sum of the dice must be higher than the current day of the month. The sum can range from 2 (each die rolling '1') to 32 (rolling '12' and '20')

Basic chance to survive an attack with a dated weapon is as follows:

Date Chance Date Chance Date Chance Date Chance
1st 100% 11th 77.08% 21st 27.5% 31st 0.42%
2nd 99.58% 12th 72.5% 22nd 22.92%
3rd 98.75% 13th 67.5% 23rd 18.75%
4th 97.5% 14th 62.5% 24th 15%
5th 95.83% 15th 57.5% 25th 11.67%
6th 93.75% 16th 52.5% 26th 8.75%
7th 91.25% 17th 47.5% 27th 6.25%
8th 88.33% 18th 42.5% 28th 4.17%
9th 85% 19th 37.5% 29th 2.5%
10th 81.25% 20th 32.5% 30th 1.25%


Gender Weapons must follow the gender rules on the Weapon Cards. There are four combinations of Gender Weapons.

  • Guy/Gal
  • Guy/Guy
  • Gal/Guy
  • Gal/Gal

For example, a Guy/Gal Weapon must be used by a male (a 'guy') against the Bunny or Bunnies of a female (a 'gal'). Should the Gender Weapon bounce away or bounce back, the gender rules must still be followed.

Roaming Red RunEdit

Roaming Red Runs are a class of cards that remain active and terrorize The Bunny Circle.