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Weil's Pawn Shop High
355 Weil's Pawn Shop 7-10-thumbnail
Weil's Pawn Shop 7/10
Quest Card Info
Card ID 355
Type Run
Kind Shop
Background Horizontal gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Green
◄ Previous Precession
Next ► Wheels Chocolate

Weil's Pawn Shop High can be played on Weil's Pawn Shop to change the prices to the ones listed on the card, which are higher than the starting prices. If Weil's Pawn Shop was closed, playing this card will re-open it.


  • The All Shops Open card causes this card to be discarded and reverts Weil's Pawn Shop to its starting prices.
  • This card overrides any previously played price-change or closed cards affecting Weil's Pawn Shop. The previous cards may be discarded or left beneath the new card until the deck runs out and the discard pile needs to be shuffled.

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