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Where No Bunny Has Gone Before
470 Where No Bunny Has Gone Before-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 470
Type Run
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Stainless Steel
◄ Previous Up For Grabs
Next ► Zodiac Exchange

Where No Bunny Has Gone Before may be used once to launch any bunny into space (where it belongs to no one). The first player to roll a ‘12’ on any die as the result of a card played will get the bunny. The bunny may be retrieved by any player by using Bunnies In Black. If the game should end before a player rolls a ‘12,’ then the bunny is discarded. A bunny that is taken retains any associated cards such as Lucky Clover (concept) or Rank. A bunny with a pending Feed the Bunny will die one full round after it was taken since no food is available in space. A player who decides to re-roll a ‘12’ because of a matching pawn or a Red Timid Bunny still gets the bunny.


  • The spaceship is reminiscent of Star Trek's Enterprise NCC-1701 ship.

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