The White Stuff
430 White Stuff-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 430
Type Very Special
Background Flat
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Twilight White
◄ Previous Weapon Booster
Next ► Melding

The player that saves The White Stuff has exclusive use of the white die, which may be rolled and substituted for the roll of any other 12-sided die (except the Zodiac die). This substitution may be used once per card consequence, so cards that require rolling multiple d12 only allow one roll to be replaced with the white die roll.


  • The white pawn does not allow a re-roll of the white die, since the white pawn must act as one of the other colors.
  • The Red Timid Bunny does not allow a re-roll of the white die, but its re-roll ability may be used before the white die is rolled and substituted..
  • The white die can be rolled and substituted for colorless rolls like Russian Roulette and Poverty Poker.
  • Sunny Day may be exchanged for The White Stuff.


  • The White Stuff is a play on words of The Right Stuff, a reference to the movie about the early NASA astronauts.

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