Witch's Spirit
0970 Witch's Spirit-thumbnail
Conquest Card Info
Card ID 0970, 0971
Type Special
Kind P-Card
Dice D12 Red
Background Vertical Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Red
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To use Witch’s Spirit, a player must have a bunny in The Bunny Circle because it is an aggressive card (cards that have a Pink rectangular box). Witch’s Spirit may be placed on any bunny in The Bunny Circle. The player must choose the bunny that will take the risk for the card. This target bunny may be one of his own bunnies or any opponent’s bunny in The Bunny Circle. The player who owns the target bunny rolls the Red 12-sided die and either reaps the reward of the card or suffers the consequence:

  • 10-11-12 = Choose a Carrot from Kaballa’s Market Two.
  • 7-8-9 = Take one Radish Card and one Milk Card from Kaballa’s Market Two.
  • 4-5-6 = Feed the bunny 1 Radish Unit and 1 Milk Unit!
  • 2-3 = The bunny gets vaporized (discarded) by the irate witch!
  • 1 = The spirit lashes out killing the bunny and the adjacent bunnies!

If the consequence for a bunny is to feed, then it must be done immediately. An opponent with no saved Radish Units or Milk Units will not have the opportunity to buy supplies from Kaballa’s Market Two or to exchange Metal cards since it will not be his turn. Carrots, Radish Cards and Milk Cards are taken from Kaballa’s Market Two (if the market is open).


  • Witch's Spirit references the book The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. The shadowy figure at the door is Lasher.

Image VariationsEdit

0971 Witch's Spirit-thumbnail
Card #0971
0970 Witch's Spirit-thumbnail
Card #0970