Zep Tepi
207 Zep Tepi-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 207
Type Play Immediately!
Background Play Immediately Pattern
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Red
◄ Previous Terrible Misfortune – Quicksand
Next ► 3 Dolla

Zep Tepi must be used by (or given to) a first-time player who may take any saved Special or Very Special card from each adjacent player. If the player who draws Zep Tepi is not a first-time player, the card must be given to the first-time player nearest the drawing player counter-clockwise. If there are no first-time players, the player who draws Zep Tepi may use it.


  • Zep Tepi (“First Time”) is a period in Ancient Egyptian beliefs. It is the mythological golden age when the gods lived amongst humanity together with half-divine offspring of gods and humans.[1]
  • Zep Tepi is the first Play Immediately! card that is not a Terrible Misfortune.
  • The art design of TV shows Stargate and Battlestar: Galatica were heavily influenced by Egyptian design.